FREE VBUCKS No Human Verification! How to Get Fortnite Free Vbucks? 🔥🔥

A constant question among the video gamers concerns the utility, availability, and consumption of V-Bucks. Some ask if you can get free VBucks. While some are concerned about the method to enter the code. Some inquire if they can gift these bucks, while some ask what V-Bucks are.

In this article, we have the answer to all your popping questions. Let’s start by understanding what they are.

What are V-Bucks?

V-Bucks stands for Vindertech Bucks or Vinderbucks. As we know that Fortnite is a free game. To play it, you need not pay. Here, the question lies that how do the makers of the game earn? The answer is V-Bucks. These Bucks are in-game virtual currencies, with which you can get attractive and colorful cosmetics from the Cosmetic shop or a Battle Pass from Battle Royale. With this currency, user can buy emotes- Dance Moves, and Skin- accessories and outfits.

How to get Free VBucks?

Getting a buck for free is a tough call, but can be done by the following methods.

1. Be Consistent

Suggesting youngsters play a video game every night is not as bad as it sounds when you get free v bucks. All you have to do to earn more box is to log in to save the world mode each day. When you log in every day, you will get a reward which can be a cosmetic item or can even be a V-Buck. Every 11th day of this consistency, you will get a free v buck. So, for example, if you log in to save the world mode for 11 consecutive days on the 11th day, you will get some incentive. The next incentive will be on the 28th day.

In comparison, this is the easiest way to get free V-Bucks on Fortnite Battle Royale.

2. Daily Quests

In the Battle Royale mode, you will find daily quests, which are challenges that you need to complete every day. All you have to do to get a free incentive is to follow the instructions given on daily quest every day. It can range from killing a certain number of enemies with the type of hero or completing a mission with a certain hero.

After completing these quests, you will get a minimum amount of 50 V-bucks. If you fail to do so on a day, you might find the task postponed to another day. This can only happen for three consecutive days, or else your record gets back to zero. To obtain your rewards, go to the “main menu” and find “quests” and “daily quests” there. You will find the available “jobs” that you have.

3. Storm Shield Missions

The next task is to complete storm shield missions if you want to win free V-Bucks. These are the missions in all four areas that you unlock as you progress through the main storyline and Save the World. Something might confuse these shield missions with the six storm missions in each area. These four missions are added in the Side Quest.  For every 10th machine you are provided 150 V-Bucks, and for the rest of the missions completed you get 100 V-Bucks for each mission.

4. Challenges

Many may argue that we talked about challenges in the daily quests trick. But these challenges are different from side quests because they can be unlocked at different times during the main storyline. You can complete challenges 10 times a day and get 50 v bucks poor challenge.

5. Event Participation

Events are weekly quests which upon participation can get you free V-Bucks and other incentives.

6. Buy Bucks

Many might be confused by this advice on buying VBucks when you want them for free. But don’t worry, you read correctly. In order to get V-bucks for free, you may buy some. Apart from the 9 dollars, in 99 cent package, you will get free VBucks in every package. For example, the USD 59.99 back gives you V-Bucks free worth 15 dollars.

Beware of Scam-free V-Bucks Hacks


The methods that we mentioned above are the safest and most reliable ways of staying away from tricks and scams. Anyone who promises to increase your V-Bucks count drastically is trying to get a better conversion rate or your personal account details out of you.

Epic Games also alerted their users via Protect your Account: Fake Fortnite Offers, saying “There are websites and social media groups/posts that are claiming to offer “free” V-Bucks or other in-game items. These offers may be phishing attempts or may otherwise be dangerous. We strongly encourage you to not visit these websites or social media groups/posts and not click links claiming “free” V-Bucks or in-game items.”

Make sure that you don’t fall for their tricks and don’t share your username and account details with these sites. They may hack your account. Make sure that there is an “Are You Human?” identification in the sites you trust.

How to Use V-Bucks in Fortnite?

The V-Buck that you just won could be used to invest in loot llamas in “save the world”. With the help of these llamas, you can win defenders, survivors, heroes, and schematics to craft weapons and traps for further gaming. We advise you to save your Vbucks for buying super Lamas and legendary Troll Lamas.  These llamas can guarantee you legendaries.

You can also buy cosmetic items and a seasonal battle pass is in Battle Royale with them. The cosmetics may range from costumes, gliders, and pickaxes. As the seasons advance, so do the costumes. For example, this season, the new editions were back blinks, skydiving effects, trains, loading screens, music, wraps, and pets. 

How to Gift V-Bucks?

Many may argue that gifting a V-Buck to another player directly is impossible. Well, they are partially right because there are other ways of helping them get their Fortnite fix.

The way you can do so are:

Buy a gift card for gifting your friend. You need to first figure out their platform of gaming. This is so because Fortnite gift cards are not a thing you will have to buy a card for a specific platform. Some platforms are PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, PC, Android, and IOS. All of them have gift card stores. The player can use the money to buy anything from the digital store. They may even be able to buy another game, Fortnite v-bucks or even download some content.

Wrapping Up

Now that you have learned all about How to get free VBucks, you can earn more and share more. So, it’s time to start playing and earn a lot more Vbucks than you were doing before. If you found this article helpful, we request you to share this with all your Fortnite enthusiast friends. Happy playing!